Elizabeth Horning

A Native of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Horning migrated to the Southwest and now resides in Arizona. She has been an artist her entire life; although her art career has taken on many different facets which span from painter, teacher, illustrator, advertising artist, art director, or designer. Horning has concentrated full-time on oil painting for over the last decade.

Her primary subject matter, floral, appear larger than life, as if the viewer is surrounded and dwarfed by gorgeous, sensuous petals, so real that one can smell their fragrance. Horning is ..."Always hoping to capture that fleeting moment when the light is just right, when a dramatic shadow falls across a petal, or backlighting imparts a special glow around its edges. It's like nature's own special effects."

As a child, certain special events helped inspire and nurture her artistic talents. Elizabeth Horning first began experimenting with painting when she won a poster contest at age eleven and her prize consisted of oil paints. Horning was also influenced by the impressionistic painter Monet when she attended his exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. According to the artist she has been painting ever since and went on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, to study in Italy, and receive Ford and Carnegie Foundation grants.